Audio Descriptions – The Visual Made Verbal

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Taught by Joel Snyder, PhD. creator of The Fundamentals of Audio Description

Audio Description Workshop: Arts access for people who are blind and visually impaired

Participants will learn how Audio Description (AD) makes performing and visual arts programming, websites and myriad activities more accessible to patrons who are blind or have low vision — and more enjoyable for all.

The program will introduce attendees to the varied AD programs and resources available world-wide including ACB’s Audio Description Project website and activities and guidelines/literature established by the Described and Captioned Media Program.

What you will learn:
– how to develop skills in concentration and observation
– using language to conjure images – the art of editing
– how to use the spoken word to make meaning
– tips for bringing audio description to your own organization.

Who Should Attend: all interested in an overview of Audio Description—particularly arts providers (performing arts producers/presenters, museum/visual art professionals), educators, writers, artists, government personnel, tour guides
Content Level: Beginning Prerequisite Knowledge: English and ability to write in native tongue.

Event details:
Dates: February 13 through 15th 2020
Cost: €400
Venue: The Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Center
Via Ghibellina, 12/A50122 Firenze, Italy

If you’re interested in making culture accessible to the visually impaired, please send an email to Lynn Cole:

Space is limited to 30 persons.

Looking forward to meeting you in Florence!

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